Hi, my name is Kelli Mallory Smith.

I am a 23-year-old photographer based out of Bellevue, NE.

I personally didn't get into photography until my senior year of high school, but I have always had a love for the camera. Besides doing videography on automatic settings for 4 years, I never really knew much about professional photography. Since doing this gig and working with so many amazing clients, I've learned so many useful lessons, and every single second I've loved my job.

I like to take photoshoots pretty casually and have fun with them. I'm a sucker for funky poses and angles, but if you're more of a traditional-styled person, I can totally rock with that too! I'm always down with trying new things, so if you have a crazy idea, I'm the right girl for you.

If you're down for a good time or just want to get more information, my line is always open! Looking forward to hopefully being able to showcase who you truly are:)

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If you’re looking for a long biography to really get to know who I am, well here it is!

My name is Kelli Smith and I’m from Bellevue, NE. I graduated from Bellevue West High School in 2019 and I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska Omaha with majors in Management Information Systems and Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing, Management, Supply Chain Management, and Human Resources. 

When you get to know me, I am an absolute dynamo. I am very high-energy and I appreciate that trait of mine when it comes to photoshoots. I love making sure that each of my clients gets the absolute most out of their photoshoots and this helps me to do that. I am very extroverted and love getting to know my clients. The friendships I’ve made through my photoshoots have been so much fun and I am so grateful for each experience I get to have. I also love helping everyone feel good about themselves, so if I compliment you a ton, I’m sorry in advance. 

In my free time, I honestly just hang out with my boyfriend, my cats, my friends, and my family. When I’m with them, we watch How I Met Your Mother, go on picnics and hikes, or paint.

Another hobby of mine is traveling. I love exploring new places and learning about different cultures. I've been to 19 different countries and counting! My favorites are Switzerland, Austria, and Aruba. If you're looking for traveling advice, I'm your girl!

I LOVE taking photos, and when I put it in caps, I really mean it. My whole entire life has been taken on photographs and vlogged (shoutout to my dad, papa Kev). This inspired me to get into the art of working with cameras as well. I made my first short film in the 4th grade in my bedroom and I’ve been working with the camera in various ways ever since. 

Throughout middle school, I would take photos of my best friends with their iPhones and edit them with weird filter apps on the app store. I grew out of that phase when I entered high school and started getting more into videography. I joined the video yearbook department at school and eventually became the Executive Director. In the organization, I’d make videos surrounding events at the school and entertainment pieces. On top of that, I would make short films. One of my short films called “Binge” actually played at the Omaha Film Festival (which was super exciting to 17-year-old me). At this time in my life, I totally forgot how to take pictures, but my foreign exchange student friend reached out to me to take their senior photos as he didn't know that they were a thing in America. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing and I was terrified. After taking his pictures and editing them on VSCO (It was the closest thing to professional editing software I had), I realized I really loved taking photos and working with people. 

After this, I made it my mission to learn how to correctly work the camera and edit pictures. I soon invested in my business and did a bunch of photoshoots with my friends to build my portfolio. It made me happy to see others enjoying my work and so I decided to turn it into my job. Working with others and creating art has become my biggest passion. I love helping others gain confidence through their photoshoots and giving them memories they can cherish for a lifetime. During your shoot, I can promise you that you will have a fun time and I will hype you up every single second of it. 

So that’s me! If you choose me as your photographer, I’m sure you’ll get to know more and I’m excited to hopefully get to know you as well!

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So, yeah, that's me! I hope to get to know you as well :)